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Offshore Energy

Protecting seabirds in the transition to clean energy 

As we transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, offshore wind is a rapidly evolving area of research. Our lab has extensive experience investigating ecological processes to mitigate marine threats. We currently conduct applied ecological research to inform appropriate conservation planning for Australia’s shift towards offshore energy. We use a diversity of methods including animal-borne tracking devices, population censuses and biodiversity assessments both on land and at sea. Our team have considerable experience with these techniques in marine areas off the southern Australian coastline.

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We have delivered extensive seabird censuses in marine waters around Australia that form very large data holdings and have published on a diversity of other marine vertebrate groups such as cetaceans. Our research outputs contribute valuable information about seabird ecology in the transition towards renewable energy. Beyond our ecological skill-set, the team also maintain industry-standard training to ensure the capacity to respond rapidly to operational needs of industry in marine settings.  

Industry opportunity

Expanding renewable energy whilst safeguarding wildlife.

Proposal for an ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub.

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To ensure a safe transition towards renewable energy, we are working with partners to deliver novel insights into flight heights and seabird behaviour while at sea. 

Offshore energy news

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