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Research Themes

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Ensuring that the transition to clean energy is ecologically sound

Threatened species and island conservation is a key focus area

Using innovative tools for effective ecological monitoring 


Recent Publications

Vaughan, P.M., Bird, J.P., Bretagnolle, V., Shirihai, H., Tennyson, A.J., Miskelly, C.M. and Clarke, R.H., (2024). A review of records and research actions for the poorly known Vanuatu Petrel Pterodroma [cervicalis] occulta. Bird Conservation International, 34, p.e9.

Nance, A. H., Mitchell, W. F., Dawlings, F., Cook, C. N., & Clarke, R. H. (2023). Rodent predation and specialised avian habitat requirements drive extinction risk for endemic island songbirds in the south-west Pacific. Emu-Austral Ornithology, 1-15.

Haslem, A., Maisey, A. C., Clarke, R. H., Stewart, A., Radford, J. Q., & Bennett, A. F. (2023). Quantifying the landscape-scale recovery of bird communities over time in response to on-farm restoration plantings. Biological Conservation, 280, 109987.

Featured News

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